Recently my little brother, Charlie the cook (image below), who was living with me and my small dog (photo below) moved out to pave the way for the first of many moves to come.

Sir Charles

After a Monday through Sunday move and unpack my brother and I were able to successfully kinda sorta moved my boyfriend Scott  (a.k.a. IROCKHOES, IROCK, Scotty, and/or Mr. Hoes)(he and I below- adorable I know) into my apartment.

Mr.Hoes (on the left) and me

Below are photos of my cozy 1.5 bedroom apartment following Scott’s drop off of his many bags of t-shirts and furniture in my dining room. Following the bomb drop he quickly (a little to quickly I think) caught a flight to Vegas for six weeks to smash faces and slap dreams at the WSOP. Leaving me to move us in together. I will shamelessly suggest here that a lovely thank you note and a bouquet of my favorite flowers should be sent to what is now our humble abode.

Dinning Room- Day, omg I can't believe that I still have this much to go and its been at least 72 hours

sigh, where will I sleep

Its been an interesting couple of days. I’m pretty sure I’m quickly running out of episodes of Brothers & Sisters that I’ve had on in the background while folding clothes, moving furniture, and unpacking mountains of electronics.  On top of this I’m missing my beloved online poker player (hence endless hours of Brothers & Sisters) and I’m pretty sure my dog is even getting tired of me.

Couldn't help myself

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks being angry and I’m obviously taking it out on my brother and dog by posting photos which would make them remarkably upset if they knew of this blog. However, I’ve got a bone to pick with the Department of Justice which has had a remarkable impact on my life since “Black Friday”. While the day  has made my life more interesting to others, sparked a willingness in me to blog, and has brought me closer to my Mr. Hoes. Black Friday has also created a deep sense of frustration, loss, and helplessness AND I’m not even the one with my money online.

While yes it is exciting that we happen to be in the position to move abroad because we are young, a bit reckless, and in love; it doesn’t mean there isn’t a part of me that’s disappointed. I’m disappointed that things were not on our terms and that its been a stressful way to move forward in what has been the most rewarding relationship and experience of my life. But sadly I’ve had it much easier than others in  Scott’s community who have been let down and have more to lose than I do, who is all but on the fringe. Things were tossed into perspective for me after being forwarded a story posted on fox (irony) of a family who has been deeply effected by the general ignorance that brought on this mess.

At first I felt like marching on behalf of the player and my Scott; to fight the good fight. Then quickly it all settled in that we must pack up and leave. What is so misunderstood by practically EVERYONE  I meet about Scott’s job is their disbelief that this is his career. He has been studying, developing and pursuing his online poker career since he was in college. This is his CAREER and if someone shut down someone’s access to their career, most wouldn’t so flippantly say “well he can always get another job, he did go to Notre Dame after all, you all don’t really need to move”. Its taken every ounce of me to let those comments and the nonchalant attitude that emerges roll these last six weeks.

With that said this blog emerges to document the next year that started when the Department of Justice posted a sign, like out of some movie, on a website. It all changed for me and for the person I love the most in a matter of seconds. To the adventure!