Wednesday evening my phone gonged and it was my very own Jonna texting me  to grab dinner and a beer somewhere around town. Jonna has been one of my dearest friends since college and she happens to be Finnish. Jonna was my neighbor freshman year at DePaul. I won’t go into embarrassing stories of Jonna and myself freshman year but it included many liters of white wine with a GIANT letter V on it. To this day I have a hard time when I see the label of the bottle on the very bottom of the shelf. I’m pretty sure you can get the equivalent of two bottles for $4.25.

Jonna called just in time this week; I was heading out to see my online poker player in Vegas the following day and I had had a week-long-trek of everyone putting in their two chirps about the pending change in my future. I quickly accepted the chance to hang with my Wisco Fin and avoid my laundry. I needed a drink and I have always been able to count on Jonna to listen to my foolish woes. However my woes have been feeling a bit less foolish lately as the pressure from friends and family mounts (this occurs mostly because I’m female. More on this in a blog post that is in the works and proving just as frustrating to write as to hear).  I don’t know if its cause Jonna is a Fin, which has meant countless hours in the sauna and plenty of time to hone ones skills of wisdom, or if it is because she is such a good friend but whenever I speak to her things are put into much better perspective. Then again this youtube clip might explain some things and why if it was sunny more frequently in Finland I would move there.


Knowing Jonna has been wonderful and when we leave I’ll miss her dearly. Knowing that I return on Monday and will see her sometime soon to recount my trip and be reminded that my woes aren’t so bad and that I lead an absurd life is why EVERYONE needs a Fin in their life (Moomin 4ever)!

Speaking of an absurd life, VEGAS you are ridiculous. Last year was my first time out to the city in the desert and needless to say it was overwhelming. This year has proved to be a bit calmer of an experience but there have been countless moments in the past couple of days where I think to myself  “Whoa whoa whoa, you need to calm down Vegas”, “holy sh*t we are in the desert”, and “why is everyone wearing Ed Hardy inspired clothing”. I got in 3.5 hours later than planned Thursday night, thanks to storms somewhere in Washington state. So, we spent the evening watching Law & Order while I continued to curse Hermes for delaying my cross country flight. Friday we checked into the Palazzo, where of course Mr. Hoes took it upon himself to wine and dine me well into Saturday night (DOJ BE DAMNED!) We went out on Friday to Lavo (HIGHLY recommend the kobe beef rice balls), followed by drinks at the Laguna Champagne Bar (recommend as well if you want to woo a lady friend or someone who is Indian given that 80% of the crowd had to be primarily from Bali), and many hours of black jack.

Friday night roll:

"There is one too many" -Mr. Hoes (good one)

"God I wish everyone would stop recognizing me"- Mr. Hoes

Lavo's Kobe Beef Meatballs- ABSURDLY GOOD!

Hit me good

Following several hours of vodka waters and swearing at cards on Friday we went to bed to awake to a rough Saturday and to be reminded again that Vegas you are absurd.  We walked around the crowded Forum Shops once we had stuffed our faces with burgers at the recommended i love burgers in the Palazzo. Following a day of countless glasses of water we decided to have dinner at Koi (order the off the menu roll with albacore, tuna, fried onion, and cucumber. Again, this will impress a lady friend), a bottle of Sake, and then a showing of “O” (“REALLY VEGAS! A WATER SHOW! YOU ARE IN THE DESERT”, is really the only reasonable response). Then we strolled from there around town where I continued to be reminded (as evidenced by the photo roll that not only is Vegas absurd but at times America).

Saturday roll:

Bald Eagle on Liberty Bell. America.

Of course its right next to the GIANT eagle and bell. Why wouldn't it be, this is America!

Not concerned about creating treasures for generations to come

P.S. Brothers & Sisters and Alley McBeal were left in Chicago for this post; rather I was inspired by the original The Legend of Zelda being played in the background by Mr. Hoes.

Per request of Mr. Hoes