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A good quality of things have happened since my previous post which was way too long ago. Since Mr. Hoes’ triumphant return from the WSOP we successfully begun to co-habitat and have finalized plans for the big move to Panama. In little less than a week we venture out on our first big move; there are a couple of boxes packed. We have been to busy watching Star Track: The Next Generation and I’ve become more and more comfortable with this philosophy:

Besides exploring deep space with Number One, we have spent our time attending dinners with friends and family, enjoyed to many vodka waters, went to the National Air Guitar Championship, entertained a small dog for a bit longer, waded through rain and mud at Lollapaloozza, and scrolled through more tweets about the Bucs than anyone should ever have to bear- I’m talking to you Mikey. I would say that the highlight may well have been the National Air Guitar Championship. I can happily report that the winner is a co-worker of mine who received many rounds of applause on the elevator following this performance:

I highly recommend attending a National Air Guitar Championship if it rolls into your neighborhood or country. The World Championship is scheduled to be hosted in Finland (a bit of competition for the sauna championship games).  For any of you who decided against moving to Panama or Canada and settled on relocating to Finland, I recommend you put this right into the calendar.

While the National Air Guitar Championship was a highlight moment at the end of July, we luckily had the July 26th AGCC Full Tilt moment to cherish together…..

All the warm and fuzzes you could want from government agency

After a few hours of quality time watching twitter feeds, the government agency in England that decides on the status of Full Tilt’s licenses quickly cl0sed the doors to the debacle that seemed to be taking place in the room. After just a few short hours very little emerged and even less information of value was being sputtered into the information super highway.  The AGCC announced basically nothing more or less than we had known when they started the event; outside of we’ll know a bit more (possibly) before or at least by the 15th of September.  Here is the AGCC media update regarding Full Tilt.

"This couldn't be more appropriate" - Mr. Hoes

These particular events have made it much easier to embrace the idea that we have decided to take hold of our own destiny,  move out of the United States, and not stand idle while random government entities play games with people’s futures and politic about. This may seem contrary but one of the greatest things we hold right now is that we have the chance to leave. We were lucky to be born in a country and social class that allows us to take advantage of the current circumstances and exit gracefully. As odd as it sounds I am proud to be a United States citizen because I can leave on my own accord; over the centuries governments have proven that this should be cherished.

I might have felt more uneasy and less proud of our choice if there seemed to be a reasonable chance that there was true opportunity for us here but unfortunately there is not. I am both proud of my country but also deeply disappointed that it has  been marred by poor leadership, destructive selfish behavior, and can not seem to find a new collective identity. With that two bright, creative, well educated and productive U.S. citizens take our leave to travel the world and uncover an unexpected future.

I may or may not be back to post before we settle in Panama around September 12th. We are first traveling from Chicago on August 24th to Pittsburgh (Go Steelers- if I didn’t include this Mr. Hoes would scorn me for a couple of hours) before taking a bus to Washington D.C.,  then flying to Northern Idaho (where its expected you hunt your own food and assume everyone is carrying a gun- AMERICA) and finally returning to Pittsburgh before we fly south (I really love Mrs. Augustine’s coconut cake).

P.S. I’ve moved on to watching Friday Night Lights (again). Its amazing. Trust me.

(June 26- July 7) In a little over a week, the Black Friday ride accelerated towards optimism, consequently plummeted, and now is lingering just before the exit as we all wait for the fat kids to unload and load in the car ahead of us before we all find out how the photo turned out. Having been raised Catholic I’m inclined to feel two things: 1) the famous Catholic guilt but also 2) the rarely discussed eternal optimism that is always there.

(June 28) Tuesday after work I happily got my nails done knowing I had  a new dress from J.Crew to wear in Vegas (this is a reference for all you non-poker players females that MAY read my blog) before meeting up with my close friend Kate (Kate, why don’t we have any appropriate pictures I can post of us?) for dinner at The Union in Evanston. We enjoyed awesome calamari and pizza while I rambled with excitement  about the recent news that Jack Binion was rumored to be looking at investing in Full Tilt  and that I’m going to be strutting off to Panama with my über smart online poker player.  With the white wine flowing, Kate and I enjoyed ourselves (right Kate?). We concluded the night and then I lofted off to bed to sleep through the night. SIGH. Then of course Wednesday came.

What a face, what a mug, could it be true! Jack Binion!

(June 29) Wednesday morning I check twitter to see how Mr. Hoes had done in cash games only to find a tweet (given the weight of the situation that word sounds more absurd than ever) from Subject:Poker about how the AGCC had suspended Full Tilts licenses. I hadn’t even brushed my teeth and I was already disappointed with the day. The energy these events consume is astounding and I’m not even a player. Carrying a stone of anxiety in my stomach, I dragged into the office knowing I would be waiting a long while to talk to Mr. Hoes about the events of the morning, which also included a raise for me at work. I turned my attention to my duties and 2+2 hysteria (I never really knew the internet until I experienced

At this point I completely assumed there was no hope because logically (yes, women have it) on a whole this didn’t benefit even those with the greatest amount of power. Dumbfounded and only certain there were back door deals happening I plugged through work and a Whole Foods buffet lunch before heading home to prepare for Vegas (yes, having new dresses to wear over the weekend helped. I am a woman after all).

(June 20) Thursday I was bound for Vegas, pockets lined with a non-profit raise, and  feeling very much like the photo below…  I was westward bound.

Between the time I loaded the Southwest flight and turned on my phone after we landed the news had positively changed! Phil Ivey dropped the suit and there were European investors! What the holy flush! This was the best possible news and  I’m about to be greeted by Mr. Hoes himself; the eternal optimism was all fired up! I could not read, tweet, retweet, post, email, or text the L.A. Times article fast enough.  As I began reading through everything and even by Friday when news broke that the French also suspended certificates (I don’t believe they really have licenses that would mean I have to take them seriously and I’m just not prepared to make that commitment) I was still optimistic.  My mood, expectations, eternal optimism, and inclination towards conspiracy has manifested into the opinion that the rice cooker in the back room is steaming up. When this is all wrapped up I think I’ll look back and be able to say:

For you.

In the mean time I’m enjoying the start of my final class in graduate school, success at work, Joe Rogan shows in Vegas followed by Eyecandy, frozen yogurt at the Palms while playing black jack, all-nighters at XS, a night of Rhianna in concert with girlfriends of other poker players/industry folk, all the sushi I could consume, and entertainment from poker players from West Virgina, Boston, to St. Louis while staying at the house of cards! All thanks to Mr. Hoes who always guarantees me  an adventure, my happiness, comfort, and exposure to the most interesting collection of people. DOJ BE DAMNED, I’m an optimist!

P.S. I’m collecting donations for a camera that is of worth so I can provide more interesting shots than the ones taken on my phone at the Rhianna concert and I’m not sure whats happening in Ally McBeal but I like it.